My curation practice hinges on being an independent artist. I am invited into different contexts to create, develop and bring festivals, events and their associated contextual content to fruition.  As an independent artist I collaborate with organisations and artists, rather than representing them, hopefully providing aspects of innovation and creative exchange to the process and an exciting, challenging experience for the audience. Central to my curation practice are:

Collaboration – I am keen to return to the root of the word ‘curate’ and place an emphasis on providing care towards artists, their works and towards audience experience. This sensitivity combined with a readiness to challenge artists, forms the bedrock of working creatively together to imagine and realise the most fruitful frames and formats through which audiences might encounter their work.

Queer perspectives – I’m passionate about queer art. Often working with contexts, organisations, artists, pieces and processes described as queer, it is vital for me to keep interrogating the power dynamics playing through that term in any given time and place. I’m keen to understand how it might liberate, invite and provoke artists and audiences alike.

Experimentation – I’m often looking for ways to engender encounters at different points in process, to employ space and performance context creatively, to generate discussion, writing and exchange in the events I curate.

For more details of events I have recently curated, click on the links:

Next Choreography Festival, 2017, Siobhan Davies Dance

Bend It,  2017 and 2016, Yorkshire Dance

In The Making, 2016, Rambert